Email Marketing 1

Email marketing can be very effective. When done right, it generates leads that convert into sales and sustains repeat business. Email marketing is a must for local enterprise. People check their email every day, and that’s every gender and all the age groups. No one can say the same about any other channel.

There’s nothing like being in control. When it comes to email you can always download your address lists. Social media platforms on the other hand, are much more unstable: your accounts can be suspended without notice and even deleted, for whatever reason the platform sees fit. Email lists, are a completely different story.

Email marketing has an average return of 38 times on investment. No other method can say that. The average order value that an email generates is at least three times higher than what social media can do.

Brookfield Content Rocks!

First off your email needs a subject line that wins you a click.  According to industry experts, 47% of recipients open an email if the subject line is interesting. Questions are good and so is including the recipient’s name and location, mention Brookfield like you mean it! And make it clear that you’re there and are a part of what’s going on in town.

Make sure that what you write in your email is warm and personal do your best to avoid sounding aloof and robotic.

Knowing when to send an email is also a good idea, Tuesday’s the best day then followed by Wednesday and Thursday in that order. The best times are 10:00 am, 8:00 pm, 2:00 pm and 6:00 am. People are more likely to pay attention to marketing emails when they aren’t overwhelmed with their own work emails.

Email Marketing 2

Be sure to be authentic nobody should be able to doubt how interested you are in what you’re saying and that you care about the community.

Get those local leads!

The only way to get converting leads is when people sign up voluntarily for your email subscriptions, the best way to motivate local subscribers into joining your mailing lists is to know them in person and the best way to do that is organize and participate in local events that attract your clientele. That doesn’t mean you should skip putting a sign up form on your site, or forget to ask people on social people on social media to subscribe.

Give people something free, some favorites are:

  • Coupons
  • Samples or free trials
  • Consultations or quotes

Your fee gifts need to offer value and memorable experiences that your audience can’t resist. Your brand needs to be trustworthy and compel people to buy from you because everything you do is high quality and sets you apart. If you sell wine, organize a tasting party.

List Segmentation

New subscribers need to receive a welcome email and have a series of emails ready to allow them to become acquainted with you. Develop a strategy to win unsubscribes over again, if you know them personally use that to your advantage.

Reward subscribers who are more engaged with more special offers and priority. Remind inactive subscribers what you want them to do as their next step. Remarket, send emails to people who already bought, showcasing similar or complementary products

Do split tests, send emails at different times in the day and on different days, do it in considerable timetables—you don’t want to annoy them. Observe your subscriber’s responses and segment in accordance. Keep your email lists clean and updated, take the time to review your lists every few months.