Email marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing method out there because it has the power to convert leads into sales and sustains repeat business. At Zig Swift we craft converting emails and manage effective campaigns that segment and cultivate a loyal following, it does not matter if you’re in Milwaukee or Dayton.

Everybody checks their email every day, and that includes people of all ages. No one can say that about any other communication channel.

With Email Marketing, you own your address lists. This means that you have all your subscribers in your possession no matter what happens to your email sender.

It has an average return of 38 times on investment. No other method can say that. The average order value that an email generates is at least three times higher than what social media can do.

Lead Magnets: Freebies!

The only way to get converting leads is when people sign up voluntarily to your email subscriptions. The best way to motivate subscribers into joining your mailing lists is to offer gifts that likeminded people will enjoy.

Some favorite lead magnets are:

  • eBooks
  • Case studies
  • Webinars
  • Samples or free trials
  • Consultations or quotes
  • Quizzes
  • Coupon

Lead magnets need to be practical and friendly so keep it is good advice to keep them short, effective and user-friendly. They need to offer useful information or a tool/skillset that your audience can’t resist. So if you want to target cities like Cedar Rapids or Springfield, you need to make sure your brand is trustworthy and compel people to buy from you.

List Segmentation

Your new subscribers need to receive a welcome email and have a series of emails ready to allow them to become aquatinted with you.

Different preferences for different email lists: some subscribers will want to be notified when you post a new article on your blog and then there’s the ones who are only interested in sales promos.

Cater to your audience’s interests because some subscribers may be interested in camping gear and others are books.

Another category you may want to apply is their location that way you can target different needs, either you are in Ft. Wayne or  Detroit.

Reward subscribers who are more engaged with special offers and priority. And remind inactive subscribers what you want them to do as their next step.

Remarket, send emails to people who already bought, showcasing similar or complementary products, same goes for those who abandoned their shopping cart for whatever reason. Keep track of unsubscribes and develop a strategy to reengage them.

Email Content

Make sure that what you write in your email is warm and personal. Do your best to avoid sounding aloof and robotic. People who are interested in niche topics appreciate long form emails that go deep into what they love to read.

Be sure to be authentic and make sure that nobody in places like Des Moines should be able to doubt how interested you are in what you’re saying and that you care about your customer.

Make sure that your emails can be read on mobile devices, commuters love to read and they’re not about to flip a laptop open on their ride home.