Marketing and Advertising 1

Artificial Intelligence is expected to exceed our wildest expectations when it comes to profiling people and generating unforeseeable market research.

The value of data is undeniable yet underrated, people are barely beginning to notice what companies like Google and Facebook are doing with it.

Innovation is the key: new products, memorable experiences, are what will keep your subscription base engaged. Ultimately your brand’s influence will continue to push local business growth.

Mobile Page Performance

Performance is everything when it comes to Marketing and Advertising.

Apps are nice but you can’t let them replace your website’s performance. Visitors in cities like Lafayette or Bloomington expect your mobile site to load quick and maybe after that they’ll be interested in downloading your app. Load times are also very important to Google and have an important effect on your SEO.

Brands need to make sure their mobile site has everything it would if it were an app. Eliminate the need for user download: Let people have an experience that eliminates the need to compete in an app store.

App development costs are a steep investment and lack the cross platform agility that your mobile site has by default.

Remind your customers that they can create shortcuts for your website on their phone, and that they can also add you to their favorites. Make sure you support push notifications and keep visitors updated

New technologies play an expanding role in marketing and advertising, where two things are certain: they make your brand the focal point and contribute to retelling your brand narrative.

Omni-Channel Marketing

Omni-Channel Marketing essentially means that your brand is there across the Internet where people engage with your company in several ways and where you are able to manage their experience on any channel.

You have a website and an app, you’re on all the social media channels, you have email newsletters and campaigns, and you also have everything offline taken care of, with a retail location, events you organize, your phone campaigns and customer support line that allow you to offer customer experiences wherever they meet you.

Businesses with effective engagement strategies on all their platforms retain 89% more customers than their competitors.

More than two thirds of in-store shoppers recognize the vital role that their phone played getting them in to the retail location. And there’s more to take into mind, for example listening to your brand feedback and making improvements for customers.