Social Media Marketing - 1

Social media is inseparable from marketing. Even when you post a photo of a birthday party you are technically marketing a lifestyle brand. All of it has its technique, regardless of how much fun you are having and how lighthearted it is.

The fact that social media marketing platforms are in the hands of every publisher out there is what makes chasing trends so vital to being productive when you send a message out.

Trends are your friends; they give you that extra edge when you develop your social media marketing plans and strategies. They turn agencies and social manager services into industry leaders and local heroes.

Personalization & Micro-Influence

Forget about those global Social Media stars that have larger audiences than national TV shows. Local businesses have discovered a more feasible and targeted alternative: micro-influencers. They have the advantage of being your neighbors and fitting into the exact marketing niche you need as opposed to the big-ticket everything to everyone influencer of yesteryear.

These smaller names go well with local marketing online. People in your town who buy your products, click like on your social media posts and have the personal behaviors your business needs to grow in your local market. Gone are the days when marketing was massive homogenized demographics where people were sold fewer, more impersonal options, that at times were unavailable where you live because they had little or nothing to do with local targeting. Nowadays, its the other way around.

It may seem like the Internet knows too much about you when you see how tailored the marketing can be. There is an advantage, however, and its helping the person in Brookfield, who is looking for exactly what they want and in town.

Social Media Marketing - 2

Social Listening for Clues

2019 is going to be huge on generating leads on social media channels and social selling. Listening close at the local level is where a good portion of the data is.

Social media is where viral content really takes off. Digital Marketers use keywords research to discover what words people use on local search queries, but that should never be the end of it. It’s not about hash tags, it’s about language. What brands do people in Brookfield, WI talk about in social media? What does your audience call things in your industry?

Another question you need to ask yourself is, how good is your customer service on social? Yes, you can do customer service in fact, this method is a real money and time saver. It is expected that this year WhatsApp is going to emerge as the top customer service channel.

Video is Taking Everything Else Out

This magical form of content’s success is not the hardest trend to spot, and it probably is your best bet in advertising. Live streaming is very important, everybody is doing it and every platform wants you to do it through them. A new idea is what Facebook is calling a watch party, they have devised a feature in which people can host a video list and socialize on a live chat stream while they watch. There is also IGTV that mimics television and is expected to continue to rise with the already successful Instagram. Live events generate email leads, and customer engagement, and video means an enhanced local presence because people see their town and themselves and their friends when you go local.

Getting video right has and will continue to prove to be a creative challenge. Especially when we consider how often little amateurish clips take all the attention away from giant overdeveloped productions. Instagram’s platform is ideal for all your freehand marketing needs, in the moment you receive new inventory and you can go ahead post video presentations in minutes—with filters and special effects that you can tag for your customers in Brookfield, Wisconsin.