Reputation Management - 1

At ZigSwift we believe that our clients have the right to build on their strengths and smile confidently to their audience. A way to achieve this is through a good reputation.

Internet and social media have made reputation management a part of everyday work, search results are an essential aspect of a reputation. Your online reputation is your reputation, there is no separation between either of them. In this day and age, there’s nothing holding anybody back when they want to criticize or defame your business anymore. Free speech means being exposed to criticism but it doesn’t extend to manipulation and unfair attacks, unfortunately, the power anonymity can do away with the responsibility when you are targeted by black hat elements.

Reputation Management - 2

Recommendations for an Impeccable Reputation

The brand reputation universe will only continue to change and adapt to new threats in the future. However, there are some things that will never change and these are your core principles. Trust is of incalculable value, it’s not easy to earn and it’s difficult to regain once it’s lost. Getting to a place where people know and respect you, and have high regards for your work is the basis of good reputation management.

If there’s something wrong fix it and fix it well, let the public know as much as you can about how things are done around you and show that you care about transparency. When you run a marketing agency the first thing you learn is that not only do you need to be good, you also need to tell people about what sets you apart from others.

Monitoring your reputation on search engines and social media can bring new business in. People are always asking questions on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest because they may be sizing you up and evaluating whether they want to do business with you. Listening needs to extend to themes that are related to what you sell and your industry keywords in order to extend your clout.

When a customer in Madison post a review of your business in Twitter, the best thing to do is to assure them that you are addressing their concerns, and that you will reach out to them as soon as it’s resolved. Immediacy has immense value and customers appreciate that someone is there to make improvements.

Every customer interaction is a chance to strengthen your relationship with your audiences whether it be in Madison or Cleveland and it will also help you to craft more appropriate and more persuasive messages in the future.