Reputation Management 1

When you’re from a small town you already know a thing or two about reputation and probably learned to be discrete at a very young age. Local business Reputation Management is a little different. For most businesses nobody is going to complain about you personally on Yelp.

There’s nothing more challenging than exerting your hard-won influence when reputation issues appear. Small and medium size businesses have the right to build on their strengths and smile confidently to the community in Oconomowoc.

The internet and social media, have made reputation management a part of everyday work, local search results are an essential aspect of your reputation. Free speech means being exposed to scrutiny but it doesn’t extend to manipulation and slander, and anonymity can do away with personal responsibility when you are targeted by spammers and other black hat elements.

Sensible policies and sober oversight show skeptics that your organization is governed by ethical behavior. Community engagement is always a good idea, if you’re there for the people of Ocononowoc, they’re less likely to believe fake stories about your business.

When you run a marketing agency the first thing you learn is that not only do you need to be good, you also need to tell and show people what sets you apart.

Reputation Management 2

Embrace Criticism and Address Concerns, the Right Way

Monitoring your reputation can be a good opportunity bring new business in. When a prospect is interested in anything that has to do with you, they may be evaluating if they want to do business with you. Listening needs to extend to themes that are related to what you sell and your industry keywords in order to extend your local clout.

When a customer complaints and gives you a poor rating on Yelp, the best thing to do is to assure them that you are addressing the issue that concerns them. Immediacy has immense value and customers appreciate that someone is there to make improvements. Call Yelp on the phone if a review is fake, don’t generate more web traffic for a lie. Encourage customers to comment on your Facebook page or your site because Yelp can be very tricky, they’ve even been sued over that.