SEO experts will remember the old days when Google, using its web spiders, verified that the keywords of a content were nice and tidy. All you had to do was make sure your Title tag, URL, Image ALT text, Description tag, H1 tag were on mark and you were good to go.

While many now consider that these techniques may be obsolete, the truth is that they are still relevant, but not as important as well-thought-out and written content that answers people’s questions. In 2019, Google is betting on a new tracking technology that grows by leaps and bounds, reads millions of pages, chooses the best and, best of all, it does so based on a specific location.

After analyzing 100 million articles on the Internet, BuzzSumo learned that blog posts get an average of four social networks, more than two thirds of everything on the web has no backlinks, and visits to the pages are not universal. Backlinks are sites that link to yours and its content, and the best way to get them is to make podcasts for guests, guest blogs and have a strong presence in directories like Yelp and say TripAdvisor, if you have a hotel. Only the most attractive content will help the page views.


Nail your Click Through Rate (CTR)

Your CTR is the percentage of clicks your landing page gets on search results. This means that if you have a pet-related business, you must have something that forces your Marquette customers to click on the pages and links to your website when it appears in local search results. For this to happen, it is necessary to have a list of all the keywords or search terms for which you want your website to appear.

With this you are securing traffic to your website and the possibility of winning many potential customers as possible who would schedule an appointment with your business or who would buy your products.

RankBrian and User Experience

RankBrain is Google’s AI, a computer learning system that sorts search results. It measures how people behave with result listings and ranks results accordingly. RankBrain takes what makes shoppers in Dayton different from shoppers in Detroit into account.

Sometimes a result will be clicked on quick. And then the visitor will spend time and read the entire landing page content.

Another result can be the first in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) and fishing enthusiasts in Ft. Wayne will click on it without even looking at it just because it was first when they looked up “fishing rods near me” and then they leave—or bounce out of the page. If enough page visits bounce the result is eventually moved down from the top of the search results.

RankBrain measures and categorizes Dwell Time (how long people are on your result) and Click Through Rate (what your share of clicks is in search results).

The average Dwell Time for a top 10 Google result is 3 minutes and 10 seconds. Pages with longer Dwell Times are made easier to find in Indiana and in Michigan in comparison to other local pages that have more bounces.


Across the Board Optimizations

Most people view the Internet on their phones this means that when do your YouTube optimizations you need to think about phone screens as much as you do about backlinks. Of course, cities like Columbus OH is no stranger to this phenomenon.

In 2019 FAQ pages are all about voice search, and they’re crafted with a featured snippet mindset (a brief summary of an answer to a user’s query shown in the search results). We definitely need to get you on those podcasts for local audiences, 67 million people in the United States listen to one podcast per month at the very least, and that number is only expected to grow.

All your content needs to be as sharable as possible with images that can be readily embedded on other sites so they can link back to yours. And while we are on the subject of interaction: let’s encourage your customers in Grand Rapids MI to comment and debate.