Social Media - 1

Social media lets people learn about your business in Brookfield and what it has to offer. When you see it like that, then the concept of marketing is much simpler and more friendly. Every social media channel is a narrative and its marketing needs to tell your brand’s story.

Nowadays, everybody can have a social media marketing platform and the playing field for professionals and amateurs is more level than ever, this is what makes trend awareness so important for being relevant and having messages that attract buyers.

Social Media - 2

Trends emerge from the public’s interests on any given day. For example, when this post was written, snow storm and Valentine’s Day were the trending topics in Wisconsin. The first topic is less obvious than the second and conventional marketing will tell you to plan for every major holiday. Snow storm, requires marketers to seize the immediacy of social media and ride the topic’s wave.

Local is Your Friends and their Friends

The only start-studded endorsements you need for your locally-focused brand is from your friends and neighbors. Social media is the new town square, your Facebook page needs to be where your customers gather and generate your word-of-mouth business.

Social Media - 3

A hashtag is when you put a pound sign (#) in front of a word or words you group together. They go well with locations and topics that help you market your brand. You can click on them, they turn text into links and they work on every social media platform. Your demographics are interest-based once your location is defined, and that’s the bright side for all local businesses because everything you advertise is readily available right where your customers live.

Video is Ideal for Social

You know what will help you get more people to read your 2,000-word blog post? Tweeting a short video with the link. It would seem that social media was invented to deliver video ads, people love videos. Faster internet connectivity and mobile device have translated into video, video, video! In 2019 video will be what 80% of the internet consumes.

You might as well have live streaming in every offline event, all the social media platforms want in. IGTV takes television nostalgia to phones and is expected to rise with Instagram. Simulcast events generate leads, and customer engagement. In local video people see their town and themselves and your buyers love that.

Harnessing the power of video will continue to provide worthy creative challenges. Especially when we observe how often little amateur clips go viral while nobody cares about the well-produced cinema on Vimeo. Instagram is ideal for freehand video presentations, that can be posted minutes after new inventory hits the shelves.