Brand Management

At ZigSwift Marketing, one of our least favorite phrases is, “Set it and forget it.” That’s because when it comes to effective brand management, there’s just no such thing. Like you, your brand is a living, breathing entity that needs to be maintained.

Imagine if someone looked over things you said ten, twenty years ago, and decided that’s who you are now. Chances are, you’ve changed since then. Your ideas and your needs have changed with you.

Your brand is a lot more than visual representation or language choices. It’s your company’s core identity, that should be a part of everything you do. From marketing, to sales, to product design, and even hiring and compensation. Effective brand management leads to success not only when it come to the bottom line, but team productivity and morale as well.

Your Brand Is Who You Are

Google’s motto for a long time was, “Don’t be evil.” While funny, that motto became ingrained in their company culture. Recently, however, they’ve done away with that motto. So what does that mean? Are they doing evil things?

Chances are, nothing has really changed in the way that Google does business, but getting rid of the motto has already had an effect on employee attitudes, media coverage, and more. It might seem like a small thing, but it shows the power that brand identity has not only for customers, but for team members as well.

At ZigSwift, we understand the importance of creating and maintaining brand identity, which is why our brand management services address a range of branding scenarios. These include:

  • Brand Standards & Guidelines
    • Standards and guidelines of strong brands go far beyond color codes and design elements. They extend to language, pricing, conduct, and more. Setting and maintaining clear standards and guidelines for your brand not only creates a strong identity, it also helps you scale effectively into the future.
  • Finding Brand Champion Networks
    • Your brand identity should be your business’s strongest asset. ZigSwift works to identify related networks and organization that will champion your brand, building relationships and offering incredible opportunities for exposure and cooperation.
  • Brand-Focused Hiring & Training
    • As a business owner, you know that the hiring and training process is both costly and time-consuming. By incorporating your brand identity into everything from the first interview to the last training session, you can scale with team members that are on-board with your mission and ready to grow your brand the right way.
  • Brand-Conscious Performance & Compensation
    • One area where not enough businesses consider their brand identity is when it comes to evaluating performance and providing compensation. By staying true to your brand’s identity and values when reviewing performance, you can reward team members who extol and practice brand values. This leads to greater workplace morale, and gets your team moving in the same direction.
  • Brand Tracking & Measurement
    • Like we said above, at ZigSwift there is no setting and forgetting. Data and measurement are crucial to gauging success and adjusting to improve results. Your brand should be treated like any other business investment, and we track its performance in all areas, from campaign ROI, to customer behavior, to internal buy-in.

We’ll Manage

There’s no overstating how important you and your message are to your brand. But you need a stable partner you can trust to make that vision into a reality across all departments and aspects of your business.

All of ZigSwift’s branding services focus on authenticity and clarity, and our policy of 100% accountability means you can count on us to put into effect the most effective branding processes. Are you ready to synchronize your brand from top to bottom? From new hire to executive? From online to the office? ZigSwift Marketing’s brand managers are here to make it happen.