Brand Research

If you own a business, it’s easy to think you know everything about it. From expenses, to likely customers, to your biggest competition. But now that so much research and so many transactions occur online, your brand needs to adapt to take full advantage of your position in the market.

Brand research is what helps you do that.

Brand research focuses on several key areas, all with the goal of better understanding your brand’s position in the market, so that strategies can be developed for refining and expanding brand recognition. These include:

  • ◆ Brand Equity Research
    • ◆ This analyzes your the value of your brand name itself.
  • ◆ Brand Positioning Development
    • ◆ What is your brand’s position in the market? How can it be positioned to be more effective?
  • ◆ Customer Acquisition Strategy
    • ◆ How are you currently finding clients? Looking at your market, how can you effectively leverage other channels to increase business?
  • ◆ Tracking Effectiveness & ROI
    • ◆ Your brand is an investment, just like any other business expense. Effective tracking allows you to see the true value and ROI that your brand is bringing to your business.
  • ◆ Messaging Prioritization
    • ◆ Analysis of messaging and adjustment of strategy can find sources of value to be prioritized in your branding strategy.

Informed Action

ZigSwift’s Brand Research isn’t just about providing insights, it’s about following up with concrete action to better leverage your brand’s strengths and minimize inefficiencies. Some examples can be:

  • ◆ Optimizing Customer Experience
    • ◆ How your clients view and interact with your brand is crucial to your brand’s effectiveness. Creating a customer journey aligned with your brand improves customer confidence and yields positive results.
  • ◆ Communications Optimization
    • ◆ Today’s customers expect rapid, accurate, helpful communication from even the biggest brands. Optimizing communications channels can retain customers and build brand loyalty.
  • ◆ Product & Service Innovation
    • ◆ Brand research allows us to better understand your brand’s position in the market, and identify opportunities for innovation.

ZigSwift Marketing offers comprehensive branding services to create the unified identity a brand needs to inspire confidence, grow its customer base, and maximize efficiency across marketing channels.

Brand research is the first step in that process, and can provide invaluable insights into your own brand, as well as the competition. Contact us today to get started on a branding and market analysis, and start building for the future.