Email Marketing

We’ve all gotten those marketing emails we never opened, possibly sitting in our spam folder or buried in our inbox. You’ve probably also gotten emails from people in your network that ended up being important for your business or personal development.

The question at the crux of effective email marketing is, “What’s the difference?”

Why do some emails inspire us to open them and read what’s within, while others are unimportant, or even worse, annoying?

A lot of it comes down to two big characteristics: Authenticity and the ability to solve a problem.

At ZigSwift, we know our clients are running great businesses. We know they have an important story to tell, and that they want to do right by their customers and fellow man. When it comes to email marketing, our job is making sure that recipients know that as well.

More Than Marketing

Nearly every website you visit will either have a way to sign up for emails, or will send you emails when you use other services that they offer. But why? Normally, the answer will be to make more money. And of course, increasing your bottom line is ZigSwift’s focus when it comes to our email marketing. But the most important thing your email marketing needs to do, is help people.

If your business is able to reach out and offer a helping hand to your customers through email marketing, rather than offer them a few forgettable specials they weren’t asking for, you can build not only your customer base, but your reputation as a problem solver and honest dealer.

There are businesses that earn the majority of their revenue through email subscriptions. Their customers wait for their emails, and are excited to see one in their inbox. Those businesses have identified the needs and desires of their customers, and are offering them solutions.

At ZigSwift, we have no interest in growing the spam folders of the world. Anyone can send mass marketing emails. What we aim to do is not only connect businesses and customers through email marketing, but connect people. To let recipients know that there is someone out there that understands their needs, and that wants to help them.

The result?

More effective, more authentic, more helpful email marketing. For us, email marketing isn’t an afterthought or a numbers game. It’s a way to share your story, and to help people who have needed to hear from you, even if they didn’t know it.