Get Found On Google

Many of our clients’ first steps into online marketing began with the same basic question, “How do I get found on Google?”

There are complicated and simple ways of answering this question. There are also honest and dishonest ways of answering it, which you’ll likely know if you’ve talked to many marketing agencies.

We’ve talked to our clients about the technical side of things. A lot. You may have as well. But something you might not have heard too often, is that it really depends on your business. There is no one-size-fits-all search engine marketing (SEM) solution. Anyone who tells you differently is more focused on selling their product than truly helping your business grow by increasing your presence on Google.

Trust and Transparency

ZigSwift was founded with a philosophy of truly serving, whether that be serving our clients, our communities, our families, or a higher power. Honesty and transparency are essential to succeeding in service, which is why our SEM services are focused not only on getting you found on Google, but on doing it the right way.

So what is the right way? While in practice it might have to do with targeting, keywords, extensions, and other technical aspects of a campaign, we’ve found in our experience that it has a lot more to do with communicating expectations and results in a clear, honest way. As a matter of principle, we refuse to charge for services that we don’t believe will succeed.

In the spirit of service, our business model doesn’t depend on bringing on as many clients as possible. For ZigSwift, it’s about creating meaningful partnerships that help our businesses grow together. Whether it be our policy of full accountability, our drive to help our clients succeed, or our desire to build lasting, personal relationships, ZigSwift clients find our approach to search engine marketing refreshing.

If you want SEM management with a focus on your business’s unique goals that transcends the normal client-agency relationship, ZigSwift is the perfect partner to help your business succeed and get found on Google.