Reputation Management

As a business owner, you know. Reputation is everything. From first impressions to delivering the final product, businesses live and die by their reputation. But your reputation isn’t only about your successes. It’s about your accountability for failure.

You’ve made mistakes. So has every other person on this earth, ourselves included. While mistakes and failures can be costly, it’s almost always our response that makes the biggest difference.

And that’s why reputation management is such a key factor in building trust with your customers.

Without even citing the statistics, we all know that people are more likely to tell people about a negative experience than a positive one when it comes to interacting with a business. And with so many online review platforms, it’s gone from word of mouth to shouting from the hilltop with a megaphone. So how do businesses effectively manage their online reputation?

Make It Personal

Have you ever been to a nice restaurant, and had the server forget to put your meals in? Maybe they forgot to hold those peppers you’re allergic to? If it was a good establishment, it’s likely that the manager came over to your table. Maybe they gave you a free dessert, a discount, or even just apologized and explained the incident.

The result of those actions is normally that the customer leaves satisfied, despite a hiccup in service. In fact, those customers can leave feeling better than if things had gone according to plan. That’s because they were told by the manager that they are valued, that their individual experience matters.

ZigSwift Marketing treats reputation management with the same care as the GM of a fine restaurant. It’s about connecting personally with customers. Letting them know that your business is paying attention, whether they had a great experience or if it could have been better.

As a business owner, there is no doubt that you could offer exceptional care to each and every person that leaves a review or communicates with you online. What’s less likely is that you have the time. Especially with as many platforms as are out there today, even the most caring, best-run businesses out there need someone to help manage their online reputation in a caring, effective way.

We know that our clients care about their customers, and want them to have the best experience possible. That’s why we want to help you focus on providing those great experiences, by making sure all your customers feel valued long after they’ve finished their transaction with you.

Whether it’s personally thanking someone for a good review, or showing someone who was left unsatisfied that you care and are ready to solve their problem, ZigSwift will always be there for you and your customers.