Search Engine Optimization

If you’ve landed on this page, you probably know what Search Engine Optimization is supposed to do. And while we could go into detail about the technical and content optimization necessary to achieve good rankings on Google and other search engines, those things are in the service of a much greater goal.

Sharing your content with the world.

No matter what stats you look at, or how many people click onto your site, what matters is whether you were able to help them. Have you built trust with helpful, honest content? Will they hire you when they need your services? Is your content worth sharing as a resource?

The answers to these questions will never be found in technical optimization or the use of the right keywords. While essential to the success of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), your customers don’t think in terms of keywords. They don’t focus on how well your website works (unless it doesn’t). They’ve come for information, for a solution, and they will judge you on whether you’ve been able to help them.

SEO is Sharing Your Content

When it comes down to it, SEO is just effectively sharing your content with the world. Harry Potter didn’t become a worldwide phenomenon because it followed the right formula, or used the right vocabulary. Its story and characters entranced readers, transporting them to another world and showing them things within themselves that they’d not yet discovered.

Your content can do the same.

Of course, Harry Potter needed the publisher’s marketing skills and technical approach to reach so many bookshelves, but it was always the story that mattered. Bombarding readers with industry-speak and filling content with keywords won’t inspire them to connect with your business. It won’t craft a story. ZigSwift believes in giving readers a story they can relate to. In writing honest, helpful content that readers will be proud to share with their network. Content, in short, that allows them to believe that greater things are possible.

We seek to work with clients that have a story to tell. That do things well and believe in their business. Our SEO experts and writers work as a collaborative team, bringing creative expertise and the technical framework necessary to tell your story to the world. So get in touch, tell us your story, and we’ll help make it one that your customers will never forget.