Social Media Audit

No matter what your opinion of social media might be, there’s no doubt that sites like Facebook and Twitter occupy an immense amount of consumers’ time. From reading articles, to posting photos, and now even shopping, these sites wield an incredible amount of influence on people’s ideas, plans, and even their identities.

And that leads us to a question. When someone lands on your company’s social media pages, what do they see? What will they learn? And, maybe most importantly, will they come back?

These are all questions ZigSwift will investigate during a social media audit. At its core, your business’s social media accounts are an opportunity to show people not only what you can do for them, but who you are.


If you’ve explored our website, you know that honesty is one of the values we host most dear. This goes not only for the way ZigSwift does business, but what we promote with our clients as well.

In today’s world where everything is ‘awesome’ and everyone is an ‘expert’, people have a desire for authenticity and openness. That’s a philosophy that we bring to every social media audit. What story is your social media telling? Is it authentic? How can we wow customers not only with content presentation, but with our honesty?

We can talk all about best practices and the latest industry trends, which you’ve probably heard from any marketing agency you’ve contacted, but customers don’t choose you based on your optimization and the timing of your ads. They choose businesses they trust, that they can relate to, that they’ve decided deserve their business.

Build Your Business

The end goal of a social media audit from ZigSwift isn’t just to get likes or improve your image, it’s to help you build your business and create a trusted network online. To find opportunities to increase your bottom line through an effective social media presence.

If you’re ready to take your social media seriously, to get your story out to the people who need to hear it, ZigSwift Marketing is the team to help you do it. We stand by our commitment to transparency and to sharing the stories of our clients. So contact us today, and let us help you share your truth.