Transparent KPI’s

If you’ve worked with a marketing agency, chances are they’ve offered reporting. If not, well, you should probably stop reading and give them a call. But if they did, there’s a good chance you saw a lot of positive graphs and heard a lot of optimistic language. But how much did your business actually grow? Could you directly attribute growth in your bottom line to their work?

We should clarify that this isn’t meant to be a criticism of all marketing agencies. There are a lot of good people out there doing great work. What we’re getting at, is that there are a lot of questions that many businesses don’t ask before contracting an agency, and they’re vitally important to building a good relationship.

Setting The Right Goals

At ZigSwift, we judge ourselves on our clients’ success. The definition of success will be different for each and every business we work with. That’s why we establish transparent Key Performance Indicators with our clients, so that we both know how to measure success. And so that we can hold each other accountable.

Accountability is a core value at ZigSwift, and we take full responsibility for our work. When we have under-delivered, or when a client has overpaid for something, we’ve gone back to them with a check in hand. No misleading graphs, no excuses, just 100% accountability. We’ve found that this is just the best way to do business. We don’t have clients simply to collect a management fee. We take on clients so that we can truly help them grow.

Reporting: More Than Numbers

Transparent reporting is a key part of ZigSwift’s relationship with our clients, but for us it’s about a lot more than presenting data. It’s about honoring our clients’ trust. Trust that we’ll deliver on time. Trust that we have their best interests at heart. Trust that we’ll help take care of the business they’ve worked so hard to build.

And if you’ve looked around our website, you’ll have found that ZigSwift doesn’t operate like a lot of businesses out there. When we say that honesty is a core value, we mean it. Hiding our failures or exaggerating our victories will serve nobody, least of all ourselves. Reporting on defined goals means that our clients always know exactly where their marketing stands.